Question regarding gmail, and "moving" files to different folders.

Eduardo Alvarez astrochelonian at
Wed Aug 10 02:35:25 BST 2011

Hello all,

As you all know, Gmail uses a system of tags in place of traditional
folders to catalog email messages. These tags are so far quite easily
mappable to folders. I have noticed something odd, and I haven't yet
found anything in the documentation to either fix or account for this.
I'm using mutt to read the mail that offlineimap synced off email. If,
on mutt, I move a message from the inbox to a folder, the "inbox" tag
is not removed from the message. In fact, after syncing, I can see
both "inbox" and the name of the tag/folder in front of the message in
question. I would have expected for the inbox tag to be removed, in
effect "moving" the message from the inbox.

Is there any particular configuration option I must use in order to
achieve this behavior? Am I simply out of luck, for the time being?

Thank you for your help.

Eduardo Alvarez

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