Backup Strategy for OfflineIMAP

Al Haraka alharaka at
Tue Aug 16 09:56:10 BST 2011


First off, thanks for the kickass software.  I rely on this for my main work
box at the office, and it is so much more powerful than my previous 
strategies.  Thanks.

Now, I have a work account.  I am dangerously close to hitting quota.
I want to keep all the mail as it currently is on the local end, and clear out
my mail on the IMAP server, my remote repo.  How do you guys go about this?

I had anticipated this need before, so I set up kind of a weird directory
structure.  I have a ~/Mail folder.  In that I have a current and archive
directory, with the latter having folders like ~/Mail/archive/personal,
~/Mail/archive/work, etc.  In each folder like personal or work mentioned, 
there is a folder with a guid from uuidgen.  In the ~/Mail/current folder,
there is a personal or work symlink to the current guid folder in archive.  
So should I just symlink to a new folder in archive, and delete all the 
mail as desired in the current copy?  I am not sure if that is the best

Follow up question: I can I push that mail from my local copy to a
totally different remote repo, an IMAP server with far larger quota 
capacity, by opting for a one-way sync from the local *to* the remote?
Any thoughts on this.

Thanks in advance.


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