OfflineIMAP crashes after resuming when IDLE is active

Julien Valroff julien at
Wed Aug 31 06:11:44 BST 2011

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Hi there,

I know it is still an experimental feature, but prefer reporting: when
resuming from suspend/hibernation (and probably after being disconnected
from the network for some time), OfflineIMAP crashes due to the fact the
IMAP server times out.

I have read that this was a known problem for a long time which was fixed in
the 6.3.4 release, and I can confirm everything works perfectly provided
IDLE is disabled.

In case it is enabled, OfflineIMAP needs to be restarted by hand, I couldn't
even find a way to make it start again automatically as it was the case
before (using pgrep in cron or a `while true` loop).

I do not have any traceback to supply there but can provide one tonight if


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