umask of messages

Tim Gray lists+offimap at
Wed Aug 31 15:20:04 BST 2011

I just noticed that the umask on messages synced by offlineimap are not 
what I expect.  Obviously this is a low-urgency situation, but maybe 
someone has an idea as to what's going on.  It looks like mails coming 
in from the IMAP server are set to 755.  Mails that I save to my local 
folder (in mutt) have a 600 mask.  Once offlineimap syncs that message 
back to the server, it becomes 700.

Any ideas?  I'm running 0c0d0c0cfd4f18.  For what it's worth, messages 
older than around June 15th have 644 umasks.  I know I've changed some 
things around since then like updating offlineimap from git and 
switching Python versions (from 2.7.2 from running on OS X 
10.6 -> the same version running on OS X 10.7 -> the OS X supplied 
version of 2.7 on OS X 10.7), but the upgrading of OS X and changing 
Python versions happened after mid to late July though.

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