Bugreport: maxage deleting old email from destination

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Wed Aug 3 16:58:17 BST 2011

> > Let me now do a bit of guessing. You set maxage for your remote(gmail)
> > account, right? And there is no limit for your local one.
> According to the original offlineimap.conf maxage is set per account,
> not per repository. That's what I do - set it in [Account], so it
> should affect both local and remote.

Ah, I missed that. In that case I don't see maxage very usefull for IMAP
to IMAP sync, because _IMO_ you can't be sure that the INTERNALDATEs
will match between the two IMAP servers.

> > This bit confuses me. If OfflineIMAP deleted 26 messages, should not you
> > have 107 of them locally?

> Exactly! That confuses me too.

Hmm, I'll try to return to the log from you and make some sense of it.
But the log is quite incomplete as you grepped it ...

> > But I don't understand the rest. It seems that we are adding some emails
> > to remote (Gmail). But just a moment ago we saw we have 133 of them
> > (I marked that by !!!)
> I didn't notice that during the test, but yes, that's even worse.
> It copies 8 messages to gmail, then deletes 8 messages from local.
> Then copies 18 from local to gmail. 18+8=26, so it seems to copy those
> ghost messages it just copied from gmail to local.

I suspect the ghost messages to be described at FAQ:

================================= FAQ ==================================
Can I copy messages between folders?

Normally, when you copy a message between folders or add a new message to a
folder locally, `OfflineIMAP`_ will just do the right thing.  However,
sometimes this can be tricky ― if your IMAP server does not provide the SEARCH
command, or does not return something useful, `OfflineIMAP`_ cannot determine
the new UID of the message.  So, in these rare instances, OfflineIMAP will
upload the message to the IMAP server and delete it from your local folder.
Then, on your next sync, the message will be re-downloaded with the proper UID.
`OfflineIMAP`_ makes sure that the message was properly uploaded before
deleting it, so there should be no risk of data loss.

But I might be wrong.

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