Problem syncing mail - crash

chris coleman christocoleman at
Tue Aug 9 09:49:04 BST 2011

Vladimir Marek <Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM> wrote:

> I agree with Sebastian.  Fix the bug (x-offline-imap header inserted
> at invalid location based on incorrect assumption) with the use of the
> python email module. Avoid reinventing the wheel with the same code
> that is exposed and vulnerable to being changed and breaking in the
> future.


> And keep the local copy when receiving UID 0, a duplicate is annoying
> but it's not a big deal vs. data loss.  There are command line tools
> and plugins for the mail clients, to delete duplicates quickly and
> easily.  Data loss could be far worse than having to run a tool or
> plugin.

-1. I still don't see how we could loose the mail. We APPENDed it to the
IMAP mailbox and we are 100% sure it succeeded.


I mentioned keeping the local copy because we don't have a lock/mutex on the remote mailbox-- it's being accessed non-exclusively, so this allows a race condition to take place.  Another concurrent user of the mailbox could delete the message between the time we APPENDed the message, and tried to get the UID (and received a 0... indicating UID missing/not found).  So the assumption about the message absolutely existing on the server and to ignore the 0 UID, could be incorrect... right?

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