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Chris Dennis cgdennis at
Tue Aug 9 10:03:26 BST 2011

On 08/08/2011 03:50 PM, Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Jul 2011 17:24:51 +0100, Chris Dennis<cgdennis at>  wrote:
>> But I can't work out how to get offlineimap to talk to spamassassin.
>> The pre- and postsynchook scripts don't seem to receive any parameters
>> indicating which emails are new and need to be scanned.
> No, there are currently no per-message hooks and there are no parameters about
> what exactly has changed that are being passed to anything. I use
> eg. which does its own detection of what has changed.
> How would sensible per-message hooks best look like? One being invoked
> for anything that is being added / modified / deleted on the Maildir?
> This needs some discussion and consensus before I invest time in this
> (sensible) proposal.
> Sebastian

Per-message hooks would certainly be more complicated than with, for 
example, getmail where mail is only going in one direction.

For my current needs, I think isbg ( will do 
the job -- it keeps track of which emails it has seen before, so it can 
just be called via cron or as a post-sync hook from offlineimap, and it 
will move spam to a suitable folder that will then get re-synced by 


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