Problem syncing mail - crash

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Tue Aug 9 10:54:52 BST 2011

> > > And keep the local copy when receiving UID 0, a duplicate is annoying
> > > but it's not a big deal vs. data loss.  There are command line tools
> > > and plugins for the mail clients, to delete duplicates quickly and
> > > easily.  Data loss could be far worse than having to run a tool or
> > > plugin.

> > -1. I still don't see how we could loose the mail. We APPENDed it to the
> > IMAP mailbox and we are 100% sure it succeeded.

> I mentioned keeping the local copy because we don't have a lock/mutex
> on the remote mailbox-- it's being accessed non-exclusively, so this
> allows a race condition to take place.  Another concurrent user of the
> mailbox could delete the message between the time we APPENDed the
> message, and tried to get the UID (and received a 0... indicating UID
> missing/not found).  So the assumption about the message absolutely
> existing on the server and to ignore the 0 UID, could be incorrect...
> right?

That is right. But the same issue is if you receive new mail and some
other application deletes it before OfflineIMAP has chance to
synchronize it. Also since my IMAP does no support Search, it would mean
that every mail I move to other directory will be duplicated.

That said, once my patch for full header parsing gets applied hopefully
some time (after stable release is ... err ... released), I won't be
affected anymore. And hopefully there is no IMAP server which does not
support fetching of whole header block, so noone else should be affected

Still I would prefer to delete the mail locally, but it's so minor thing
that I basically do not care :)


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