Downloading Sent folder at every sync

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Tue Aug 9 14:45:05 BST 2011

On Mon, 8 Aug 2011 21:12:42 -0700, Lucas David-Roesler wrote:
> > nametrans = lambda folder: re.sub('\s+', '', re.sub('(.+)(\\.)(.+)',
> >> '\\1_\\3', re.sub('(^.{1})', '.\\1', re.sub('.*Important$', 'Important',
> >> re.sub('.*Trash$', 'Trash', re.sub('.*Drafts$', 'Drafts', re.sub('.*Sent
> >> Mail$', 'Sent', re.sub('.*Starred$', 'Starred', re.sub('.*All Mail$',
> >> 'Archive', re.sub('^(INBOX)', ' ', folder))))))))))

One thing that seems weird is that you have nametrans
'.*Sent Mail$' -> 'Sent'
which could potentially match multiple folders on the remote side. And
this would IMHO cause problems. If you have 2 folders on the Gmail side
that end with "Sent Mail", you would sync them one after the other into
the local "Sent" folder or somesuch

nametrans does not allow a n:1 mapping of folders (where n>1).

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