[PATCH] Re: Remove superfluous class ConfigedIMAPServer

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Thu Aug 11 19:33:56 BST 2011

On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 12:38:47PM +0200, Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> Remove a level of wrapper abstraction that is not needed. Just use
> IMAPserver and be done with it.
> We do this by passing in the IMAPRepository() instance rather than a
> long list of single paramters to the IMAPServer instanciation. This way
> we can retrieve all repository parameters ourselves, rather than passing
> a dozen paramters into IMAPServer. Also, this enables us to pass the
> repository() object into our WrappedIMAP4() instance, so that it can
> query, e.g. the SSL fingerprint configuration.

I think this patch is improvement (but still not reviewed deeply).
I want to say it doesn't apply cleanly.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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