[PATCH] Re: Fix manpage build failures from inconsistent heading

Thomas Kahle tomka at gentoo.org
Sat Aug 13 13:39:29 BST 2011


On 14:32 Sat 13 Aug 2011, Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:
> Thanks. This patch fixes all the issues from the previous round. But the
> original patch comes from Mark Foxwell <fastfret79 at archlinux.org.uk> who
> should have his signed-off-by line on top of yours. It's about being
> fair between each others for credits and keep track on who worked on
> this topic.
> For the same reason and to be perfect, people involved in a topic should
> be cc'ed on next send. Also, this helps not being late to contribute. ,-)
> I would understand you missed the previous patch but as it was sent
> yesterday, I'd rather keep credits to him.  Without a new resent I'll
> fix that and merge in some time.

Sorry for the duplication.  In fact, I did not see Mark's patch before
fixing this.  My todolist for today happened to have "bump offlineimap"
before "dig through mailing lists".  6.3.4 is in Gentoo now - hooray.


Thomas Kahle
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