Locally created mailboxes not synchronized to IMAP

Chris Dennis cgdennis at btinternet.com
Mon Aug 15 14:12:46 BST 2011

On 08/04/2011 08:10 PM, Vladimir Marek wrote:
>>> I found that if I create local mailbox, it is not replicated on IMAP.
>>> Other direction works fine. I was playing with it yesterday afternoon
>>> and I finally made it working. But it's not completely trivial fix, so
>>> as usual I might have overlooked something.
>> That's great -- it works for me!
>> I'm just trying out offlineimap for the first time, and was
>> disappointed that it doesn't create new remote folders -- this fix
>> does what I need.
> I'm glad it works, use with care please :)

I'm using it with care, and it nearly works.

One problem (which you may have fixed by now) is that if I've deleted 
the local metadata for a folder, and the folder still exists at the 
remote end, offlineimap tries to create a remote folder than already exists:

Creating folder Sent
WARNING: ERROR Attempting to create folder Sent:Traceback (most recent 
call last):
line 149, in syncfoldersto_internal
     where.makefolder(key.replace("/", where.getsep()))
line 333, in makefolder
     raise RuntimeError, "Repository %s could not create folder %s: %s" 
% (self.getname(), foldername, str(result))
RuntimeError: Repository RemoteIMAP1and1 could not create folder Sent: 
('NO', ['[ALREADYEXISTS] folder already exists'])

Have you improved on your remote-folder-creation patch since the one you 
posted on 1 August?



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Fordingbridge, Hampshire, UK

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