Backup Strategy for OfflineIMAP

Al Haraka alharaka at
Tue Aug 16 14:47:41 BST 2011

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 1:40 PM, Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at> wrote:
> Move all mail to be archived into an "archive" folder (Sorry I failed to
> get your exact mail setup), sync. Exclude "archive" from syncing with a
> "folderfilter" directive and clean up the server side?

That could work I guess.  It would also give me better thread
continuity if I move everything from the standard pesky Received/Sent
distinction and shove into one big giant archive.

> I feel that we should be checking if a Mailfolder has the read-only flag
> set and skip syncing of that one automatically. That would help many
> cases like this.

Shoulda coulda woulda, but it would be nice.

> Yes, you can do that, *if* the folders on the remote side
> exist. OfflineImap will currently not create folders on the remote
> side. It should be as simple then as dropping your maildir in place and
> it should upload everything. (do this with a copy of your maildir to
> keep the backup)

Cool.  I will keep that in mind.  Thanks for your suggestion.

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