Sync dovecot to cyrus imap, creates many X-OfflineIMAP headers

chris coleman christocoleman at
Wed Aug 17 19:00:48 BST 2011

Vlad wrote:
> 2) Also, I'm seeing more than one X-OfflineIMAP header getting added.
>  Definitely a bug.  Running v6.2.0 (latest distro release on debian).
>  Has anybody else reported this bug??  Has this bug carried through to
> the current releases, or has it been solved..??
> Here are the relevant headers, copied from one message :
> X-OfflineIMAP-x700311151-494d41504c6f63616c526f62657274-494e424f582f5472617368: 1313519544-0289980867256-v6.2.0 
> X-OfflineIMAP-1624291572-494d41504c6f63616c526f62657274-494e424f58: 1313518182-0425908496094-v6.2.0
> Delivery-date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 11:07:15 -0700

Can't tell just from this, but can't it be
1.1.9   Can I copy messages between folders?

Isn't it uploading and downloading the same message over and over?


On the initial sync, offlineimap uploaded and downloaded everything, and I ended up with 2 copies of all mail on local AND remote.  Then, I had to run a script to delete the duplicates on the local server, and offlineimap dutifully deleted the same duplicates on the remote.

On syncs today, OfflineIMAP does things like this: 
When I move a message, on the local server, from the Inbox to the Trash, offlineimap deletes the Inbox message copy on the remote server, and uploads the message from local server Trash to remote server Trash !  

For a 1MB message, that's 10 seconds to upload to the remote server's Trash!  

OfflineIMAP would run 20X faster/more efficiently if it would *move* the message from the remote server Inbox, to the remote server Trash - a move operation should execute in about 0.5 second.

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