Sync dovecot to cyrus imap, creates many X-OfflineIMAP headers

chris coleman christocoleman at
Thu Aug 18 16:20:43 BST 2011

> With UID/UIDPLUS isn't it now possible to save the list of UID's for each folder, in the sqlite database, at the end of the current run of OfflineIMAP ?
> At the start of the next run, compare the UIDs in each folder to the previously seen list of UIDs for each folder ?
> This method lets us track movements of messages between the folders, ie when a message is not "new in a folder but we don't know where it came from" just "this message was simply moved from Inbox to Trash"

Nope, UIDs are folder specific, they have no meaning for other
folders. The folders UIDVALIDITY value plus a mails UID characterize a
mail uniquely, but ONLY in that folders, other folders will happily use
the same UID for different mails.


It would be great improvement in speed and efficiency to implement a fingerprinting algorithm to uniquely identify messages across the entire folder tree of the mailbox, the goal being to allow moves which consume less resources than copying messages inefficiently...

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