[PATCH 3/4] Re: Update FAQ with info on maildir-windows-compatible

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Fri Aug 19 21:58:34 BST 2011

> > @@ -64,28 +64,9 @@ An informal benchmark yields these results for my setup::
> >  What platforms does OfflineIMAP support?
> >  ----------------------------------------
> >  
> > -It should run on most platforms supported by Python, which are quite a few. I
> > -do not support Windows myself, but some have made it work there.  Use on
> > -Windows
> > -
> > -These answers have been reported by OfflineIMAP users. I do not run OfflineIMAP
> > -on Windows myself, so I can’t directly address their accuracy.
> > -
> > -The basic answer is that it’s possible and doesn’t require hacking OfflineIMAP
> > -source code. However, it’s not necessarily trivial. The information below is
> > -based in instructions submitted by Chris Walker.
> > -
> > -First, you must run OfflineIMAP in the Cygwin environment. The Windows
> > -filesystem is not powerful enough to accomodate Maildir by itself.
> From what I understood, you don't run OfflineIMAP on Windows, do you? If
> not, I can't agree to remove this from the FAQ.

Ok, let me take that back, please. I misunderstood the behavior of
cygwin. Back in time cygwin had 'managed' mount which allowed to have
':' in the file name. That capability was removed in one of the
releases and I thought that cygwin no longer supports ':'. That is not
true, since cygwin now supports files with ':' in their name natively. I
tried to run offlineimap on windows in cygwin and it seemed to work

> > -Next, you’ll need to mount your Maildir directory in a special way. There is
> > -information for doing that at http://barnson.org/node/295. That site gives this
> > -example::
> > -
> > -  mount -f -s -b -o managed "d:/tmp/mail" "/home/of/mail"
> > -

That is no longer true.

> > -That URL also has more details on making OfflineIMAP work with Windows.
> > -
> > +It should run on most platforms supported by Python, which are quite a few.
> > +There is problem with Mailidrs on Windows drives, see
>                          ^^^^^^^^
> nitpick:                 Maildirs

Thank you.

I'll rework the change.


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