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> My configuration (shown below, slightly edited to protect the innocent)
> has a disturbing amount of boilerplate in it.  Is there a way to limit
> this repetition perhaps by doing something in python with "pythonfile =

Amazing setup :)

> [Why all these things are in separate accounts:
>   * I don't want to copy any of Spam from the remote server: it should
>     only sync up, not down.

Making folders read-only is currently not possible, no. I don't see any
way around having folders being treated differently at the moment. It
would make sense to be able to specify read-only folders somehow, agreed.
>   * I don't want sync'ing my "All Mail" folder to hold up sync'ing my
>     INBOX

For this you could simply specify a foldersort argument so that "INBOX" comes
before "All Mail" :). This way you don't need 2 accounts for that issue,
so that can be solved.

>   * I have a second, Personal GMail account, which naturally has to have
>     a separate remote repository

I don't see any way around this. It *is* a different account and
repository and you will therefore always have to specify it differently.

Generally a word of caution mixing IMAP repositories on the same Maildir
root. You have to be careful that you *never* use the same maildir
folder for 2 IMAP servers. In the best case, the folder MD5 will be
different, and you will get a loop where it will upload your mails to
both servers in turn (infinitely!) as it thinks you have placed new
mails in the local Maildir. In the worst case, the FMD5 is the same (in
your case it would) and UIDs overlap (likely!) and it will fail to sync
some mails as it thinks they are already existent.

For example, if you ever have 2 mailboxes with the same in your BoostPro
Gmail and your Personal Gmail and you ever happen to loosen up your
strict folderfilter rules to allow syncing of folders with the same
name, you will currently be running in trouble.

I would create a new local Maildir Repository for the Personal Gmail and
use a different root to be on the safe side here. You could e.g. use
~/Library/Data/LocalIMAP/BoostPro as Maildir root for the BoostGmail and
~/Library/Data/LocalIMAP/Personal as root for the personal one.

If you then point your local mutt, or whatever MUA you use to
~/Library/Data/LocalIMAP/ as root, it should still recognize all

Yes, this issue deserves better documentation but I only recognized this
some while ago myself. Our docs deserve some love!

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