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Thu Aug 25 08:00:17 BST 2011

> > For this you could simply specify a foldersort argument so that "INBOX" comes
> > before "All Mail" :). This way you don't need 2 accounts for that issue,
> > so that can be solved.
> From what I can tell, it won't help if there's a lot to sync in "All
> Mail".  Maybe now that I have my initial sync done it's not an issue
> anymore, but when I was getting things set up it didn't seem to get back
> around to sync'ing "INBOX" as long as there was lots left to sync in
> "All Mail."

But with a foldersort that let INBOX be synced *before* All Mail, it
shouldn't even reach All Mail as long as there is still stuff to sync in
INBOX. That having said, I personally never tried foldersort, so I am
not sure if it works as advertized.
> >>   * I have a second, Personal GMail account, which naturally has to have
> >>     a separate remote repository
> >
> > I don't see any way around this. It *is* a different account and
> > repository and you will therefore always have to specify it
> > differently.
> I didn't expect a way around this one.  Just wanted to be sure people
> understood.

> Sure, I wouldn't think of doing that.  However if it's that dangerous,
> offlineimap should check for it and prevent me from shooting myself in
> the foot.

Sure, but this would require that something global keeps tab of all used
maildir folders across accounts. The way OfflineImap is designed has
Accounts be totally different operations that know nothing of each
other, and even folders are pretty much separated (which is one of the
reasons why it would be hard to detect moves of mails between folders).
> Well, as you can see the INBOX from my Personal Gmail doesn't go into my
> local INBOX; they are separate folders.

I know and that is fine. I just said, if you (or someone copying your
setup) ever loosen the folderfilter rules and both have, say "Drafts" be
synced to .Drafts (as it would happen in your case), trouble could
ensue. Your setup is fine. I just wanted to point out the potential
> My advice: start with prevention, then document.
> >  but I only recognized this
> > some while ago myself. Our docs deserve some love!
> Sooooo.... you never got around to answering my original question.  How
> do I eliminate some of the boilerplate repetition?

Mmh, 120 lines or so to configure 5 accounts including comments and
blank lines. I don't see many ways to cut that down a lot
(sep=. is default for Maildirs, so you could drop that)
pythonfile= allows you to specify functions for many settings, but you
would still need to specify them in the Accounts and Repository

I would try to see it positive, I find the configuration much shorter
than a proper muttrc :). If you know of any ways that would make life
easier for you, let us know and I'll put it on my list.

A readonlyfolders = lambda x: ['Spam','Archive.*'] setting on a repository does
sound like a good idea to start with. (or similar)

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