Locally created mailboxes not synchronized to IMAP

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Mon Aug 29 14:57:28 BST 2011

OK, I have worked on the "create mailboxes on the remote side" feature
and I think I have it working. The series got a little larger than I
wanted, it is 8 patches, but we can take it in three unrelated steps if
we want to. These are the user-visible changes:

- folderfilters now work on Maildir repositories too (they had never been
  working on Maildirs, in case anyone noticed)
- Folders are created on the REMOTE side automatically, unless we added
  them to the folderfilter list on the local side. We never delete any
  folder though, that is more critical any will require some more
- A bit better error throwing and debug messages all around.

These are the patches: #1 & #2 is added documentation and renaming, it
should go in, in any case and not change anthing:


#3 - #5 could then go in together, they implement the core change by
creating folders on the remote side if needed (they are never deleted!)
We add an attribute to a Folder called sync_this which gets set to False
in case we filter out a folder. This way, we can distinguish between a
not existing and a filtered out folder (and will not attempt to create a
filtered folder).


#6-8 is the final step (and not strictly required to make this feature
work) and improves the Maildir.getfolder() implementation and makes the
folderfilter setting also work for Maildirs:


Review and feedback is welcome, the patch series is against a clean next

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