Folder creation and deletion

Thomas Kahle tomka at
Tue Dec 6 10:17:11 GMT 2011


now that we have the shiny remote folder creation and bidirectional
nametrans, how about remote folder deletion?  E.g. if two folders are in
sync, and I delete the entire folder locally, could OfflineIMAP delete
it remotely?

Also, there is a minor inconsistency with folder creation.  When a
folder does not exist locally, but is to be created, then the first run
bails out with:

ERROR: Exceptions occurred during the run!
 ERROR: Aborting sync, folder 'gmx.OpenMoko' [acc: 'GMX']
  getfolder() asked for a nonexisting folder 'gmx.OpenMoko'.

Despite this error, the local folder is created and the next run
successfully syncs it. 


Thomas Kahle
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