Offlineimap not syncing S flag on refresh

Andreas Herz andi at
Tue Dec 20 22:38:37 GMT 2011

i'm using offlineimap 6.4.2 on my Gentoo 64-Bit system. My mail setup is
the combination of imapfilter+offlineimap+mutt+msmtp and i have one
small problem left.

When i get several new mails with offlineimap and i read them with mutt
and mark them as read and after some time offlineimap is
syncing/refreshing then the flag S for marked read isn't synced.
But when i stop and restart offlineimap it is synced.

This is a problem cause sometimes i use k9mail on my android or
thunderbird at work for now and the mails i received and read are still
marked unread there as the flag wasn't synced.

Did i miss anything between the first start off offlineimap and
refreshing? I know quick sync ignores the flag stuff.

Here is my config (apart from the password etc.):

I already tried quick=0 but didn't help. And i start offlineimap without
any further arguments from my terminal. The imapfilter configs are just
sorting some mails from mailinglists into folders.

It's just strange that stoping and starting offlineimap syncs the flags
but every 5 minute autorefresh doesn't.

thanks for the help
Andreas Herz

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