[ANNOUNCE] OfflineIMAP v6.4.0

Peter Lewis pete at muddygoat.org
Fri Dec 2 23:38:42 GMT 2011

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for the reply.

On Thursday 01 Dec 2011 16:36:03 Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> > My issue seems to be that offlineimap sees some local maildir folders as
> > having trailing slashes, while not others. Firstly, I got this:
> OK, first of all, I think there is a real bug involved by here that has
> nothing to do with nametrans rules. Folders should not have trailing
> slashes and there had been another report where this was so.
> 1) Can you try to replicate the same error with the current "next"
> branch on my repository (git://github.com/spaetz/offlineimap.git) to see
> if this has been fixed.

I just built from your "next" branch today and ran offlineimap with a new (i.e. 
empty) local repository.

At first I got a bunch of these errors:

ERROR: Aborting sync, folder 'Personal' [acc: 'Personal']
  getfolder() asked for a nonexisting folder 'Personal'.

for each folder, and nothing sync'd. But, it did create the local folder 
structure. When I ran offlineimap a second and third time, it seemed to work 

So yes, this seems to have fixed it, so far.

I'll wait until I've done a few more syncs and see how it goes, then report 
back again.

Thanks for your help!


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