Weird recopying behavior with 6.4.2 and mutt maildir

John Wiegley jwiegley at
Thu Dec 29 21:50:01 GMT 2011

>>>>> Zak Smith <zak at> writes:

> When I "save" messages from my Inbox to the "received" folder (ie, delete
> from INBOX and insert into received), the first time I run offlineimap, it
> does this:

> * On the remote side, deletes the messages from INBOX

> * copies the messages from local to remote in the received folder

> However, when I do this on more than one message at a time, on N-1 of them,
> the SECOND time I run offlineimap (with no other events happening remote or
> local), it copies them BACK to local from the remote.

This sounds *awfully* similar to the problem I was having that forced me to


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