Debian bugs

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Thu Feb 17 11:43:44 GMT 2011

I would suggest these debian bugs can be closed. They are at least fixed
in current master, so basically should be in the current rc.

(crash with SSL error)

This is SSL just closing the connection unexpectedly. Not much we can do
about.. THere should propably be a nicer error message. But given that
this has been reported with 6.0.0, I am not even sure we would get the
same error nowadays.

(does not validate SSL certs)

OfflineImap can now be configured to use a CACert to validate the SSL
certificate. It is off by default though, so there is potential for
improvement. But the bug that it can't be made secure is gone.

(outputs socket.ssl is deprecated warning)

THis one is fixed, there is no more such warning. We use ssl on python
where it exists and fall back to socket.ssl only when it doesn't.

(crashes on unknown command line option)

This is fixed for sure, we use a proper command line parser and will
fail with an USAGE text if an unknown command line option is used.

(man page shows user interface in all caps, but are case sensitive on
command line)

Not the case with out new .rst based manpage anymore. 2 bugs reported on this.

(IMAP IDLE hang)

IMAP idle support has been pulled and is only going to be added back in
one of the next versions, so close this one.

(support credentials via .authinfo)

This is IMHO a WONTFIX. We support tons of ways to specify your
password, e.g. via .netrc file and *I* don't see any benefit to support
even more obscure ways.

There is probably a lot more to close, but these are the ones I could
quickly identify.

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