Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Thu Feb 17 14:59:11 GMT 2011

I try to pass in a configured SSL server fingerprint to our IMAP4 class,
so we can check if it is the right one.

Trying to find out what class depends on what, and where it makes sense
to pass what, I found myself easily confused. For reference, here is an
image that I made that clarifies (for me) the dependencies between those
(The _* classes have SSL, no SSL and sometimes Tunnel variants).
Areas indicate class inheritance (e.g. WrappedIMAP4 is inherited from

I have to say, I find that more complex that absolutely needed.

The problem is that we cannot pass in more paramters without adding them
as parameters along the call chain easily. So I'll think about what we
should pass where. This is where the thread pooling happens though, an
area where I am very nervous to make ANY changes...

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