Debian 6.0

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at
Mon Feb 7 18:36:07 GMT 2011

On Mon, Feb 07, 2011 at 02:18:08PM +0100, Sebastian Spaeth wrote:

> Debian 6.0 has released. A pity we couldn't squeeze something in that is newer than
> Now, we will have to support a version that was basically
> released on 12 Aug 2009 for the next 3 years.

Well, we won't support anything more than what /we/ want to. I won't
maintain any older version than what we decide. From the last discussion
we had about that policy, we finally came to a consensus for the v6.3.2
(stable) as the release to maintain in the long run.

I still think it's a good point to start from: not too much mess done in
the code and a better knowledge of that code (since the maintainer

The debian policy is NOT ours. They can do whathever they want (while
legal) with their packages, _I don't CARE_.  We live in a free world.
So, if debian maintainers rather do silly things (includeing things in
plain contradiction with the security issue /they raised/) , I will let
them do.
                    I'm also free to laugh at the clown.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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