[PATCH 0/13] Re: Reintegrate imaplib2 and IDLE, again

Ethan Glasser-Camp glasse at cs.rpi.edu
Mon Feb 7 20:58:59 GMT 2011

On 02/07/2011 03:30 PM, Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:
> I'm not in favor to have such feature merged as is too fast since it
> could make a lot of damages. The condition I made for doing so is to
> have it _optional_ and marked as _experimental_.

Wait, I'm lost. Are you talking about the APPENDUID feature, or the 
conversion from imaplib to imaplib2 (or maybe both)? When you say that 
something should be optional, does that mean it should be 
user-configurable? Or do you just mean that we make it available as 
"next", and don't put it in a release until lots of users chime in with 
"I've tested this, it works great"?


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