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Philippe LeCavalier support at plecavalier.com
Mon Jan 24 18:44:13 GMT 2011

Hi All.

First off. I'm starting this thread re www-content. This is not intended
to discuss structure / concepts. If you want to tackle structural ideas
for the site please start a new thread entitled: www-structure /
www-concepts so we can better work on this as a group.

This is merely some content for the homepage to start us off on the
right foot.


[top of page start]

GOAL: What is OfflineImap?, intended audience, plug author, plug current
devs(link to current devs section).

---------------content start---------
OfflineIMAP is a powerful IMAP/Maildir synchronization tool intended to
keep your IMAP mailbox(es) organized independently from your Mail User
Agent(MUA). From Gmail to Mutt, regardless of how or where you access
your mailbox(es), OfflineIMAP is your best friend like Google is to
searching the web. Check out the Features area for a complete list of
what this project can do for you.

Many thanks to John Goerzen who in 2002(unconfirmed nfo)authored this
wonderful little piece of code. In Dec-2010 Nicolas Sebrecht took the
lead as Head Maintainer and OfflineIMAP is stronger than ever before.
Visit the devs section to learn more about the people who make this
project tick.
---------------content end----------

[top of page end]

[mid to bottom, dynamic content]

<excerpts from pkg current status, current bugs...etc.> linked from pkg
section, probably downloads which is actually github repo.

<excerpts from dev blog - hopefully Nicolas and others will blog ;-)>

[bottom end]



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