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John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Thu Jan 6 21:22:03 GMT 2011

On 01/06/2011 02:31 PM, Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:
> And I received these 6 mails a few minutes ago... It is not the first
> time I see late answers, here.
> Also, Someone requested me on github because he couldn't subscribe to
> the list. So, patches are pending if not lost.
> I'm becoming really really REALLY tired about these mailing issues. I'm
> going to post about the move to another hosting provider.

Your call of course, but don't assume the problem would be any different 
anywhere else.  Looking at Received headers reveals that dreamhost sat 
on those messages for 34 hours, and that alioth delivered them without 4 
seconds of receiving them.  That doesn't show that the problem is or is 
not with alioth, but I have long had trouble with dreamhost's mail 
servers, and not just with alioth.

Also I don't know the particulars of the person that couldn't subscribe 
to the list, I'd say almost 100% of the time I've seen those problems 
it's been a case of user error.  The remaining few have usually been a 
problem with their mail server.  I am a member of quite a few alioth 
lists and I'm not aware of trouble in any of them.

As for gmane, it sometimes has load issues.  Not specific to alioth.

Both Alioth and gmane tend to have *very* responsive admins.  It seems 
it would be useful if people would contact them and perhaps there is 
something simple they could fix as well.  Just a "messages are slow 
sometimes" probably won't be helpful, but a "I sent message X at this 
date, Received says alioth got it at this date, other people on the list 
got it at date X and gmane got it at date Y" could help pinpoint the 
problem.  In this case, as I appear to have received it 4 seconds after 
alioth did, I don't think gmane problem lies with alioth.

It seems rude to blame the "hosting provider" -- who, in this case, are 
volunteers kindly providing a service -- without first trying to get 
them in the loop for assistance.

That said, if you do opt to move it, I'll be happy to provide any 
assistance you may need to get the subscriber list off the system.  I 
think you have access to that already, but if not I can help.

-- John

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