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Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Fri Jan 7 10:34:07 GMT 2011

On Thu, 06 Jan 2011 16:42:22 -0600, John Goerzen <jgoerzen at> wrote:
> As a special exception to what I'm about to say, I don't really care 
> much about the files as long as they're nothing but a series 
> of imports.  Too low value to really fret about.

> The advice we generally have from the FSF is to put a copyright 
> statement into each file, along with a brief statement pointing to a 
> COPYING or COPYRIGHT file.  I'm not a lawyer, so on this point I defer 
> to those that are and would object to removing my copyright information 
> from individual files.

I don't really care that strongly one way or the other, except that
someone who wants to find out the real copyright on parts of a file
needs to dig through the revision history anyway, so I see only little
added value in putting individual names there (which will often be
forgotten anyway). But then I am not a laywer, and as I said, I don't
really care.

> While we're on the topic, in case the question ever arises, I give my 
> permission for the license of my contributions to OfflineIMAP to be 
> changed from "GPL 2 or later" to "GPL 3 or later".
> I don't think anybody's talking about it right now, but in case the 
> question ever arises of dropping GPL 2, you've got my permission.

GPL 2 or 3 is both fine for me, so I defer this decision to our project
leader. Given the amount of detective work it might require to find and
contact all copyright holders, the change might just not be worth it.

If there are changes at all, we could think about becoming a project
under the legal umbrealla of the Software Freedom Conservancy
( which would allow us to get tax-deductible
donations and could hold assets, such as domain names.

> Does that all sound reasonable?

Sounds reasonable to me. Perhaps we should expand the (c) statement to
add "(c) and contributors" or somesuch to make clear that there might be
more copyright holders to the code than are credited in the file
header. ?

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