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On Tue, 2011-01-25 at 10:33 +0100, Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Jan 2011 13:44:13 -0500, Philippe LeCavalier <support at plecavalier.com> wrote:
> > GOAL: What is OfflineImap?, intended audience, plug author, plug current
> > devs(link to current devs section).
> > 
> > ---------------content start---------
> > OfflineIMAP is a powerful IMAP/Maildir synchronization tool intended to
> > keep your IMAP mailbox(es) organized independently from your Mail User
> > Agent(MUA). From Gmail to Mutt, regardless of how or where you access
> > your mailbox(es), OfflineIMAP is your best friend like Google is to
> > searching the web. Check out the Features area for a complete list of
> > what this project can do for you.
> > 
> > Many thanks to John Goerzen who in 2002(unconfirmed nfo)authored this
> > wonderful little piece of code. In Dec-2010 Nicolas Sebrecht took the
> > lead as Head Maintainer and OfflineIMAP is stronger than ever before.
> > Visit the devs section to learn more about the people who make this
> > project tick.
> > ---------------content end----------

[section Working Cases - I don't like this tittle!]
-------------------content start--------
OfflineIMAP  is  <strong>flexible</strong>;  you  can  customize which
folders are synced via regular expressions, lists, or Python
expressions. A versatile and comprehensive configuration file is used to
control behaviour. Two user interfaces are built-in (aren't there more
than two now?). Fine-tuning of synchronization performance is possible.
Internal or external automation is supported. SSL and PREAUTH tunnels
are both supported.  Off‐line (or "unplugged") reading and esoteric IMAP
features are supported to ensure compatibility with the widest variety
of IMAP servers.

--simple (likely pulled from man pages)
3 cases

--more complex
3 cases

3 case

3 cases
------------------content end-----------

Does anyone know how to pull a wiki into a site? This entire section
could be a wiki with comments. I would suggest that the proper 'working
examples' be static however. But comments and user-added info could be
very powerful.

> Not bad, although a bit too much boasting for my taste :-).
I did corporate technical sales for a long time...:-) Trust me, you and
I don't want that, but people do.

> Can't we reuse bits from the documentation that state what OfflineImap is?
I considered that and felt it best to start fresh. Besides I don't like
'steeling' what others have written. And to be completely honest I don't
like how most of it is written. I do, however, like some of the wording
you had on the previous offlineimap.org.
> I would love to see a short section: "What can OfflineImap do for me?"
> in which we outline some typical use cases. Not necessarily at the top
> of the start page, but linked from somewhere rather prominently.
Better? -see above
> > <excerpts from pkg current status, current bugs...etc.> linked from pkg
> > section, probably downloads which is actually github repo.
> I think current stable release links (and links to distro's pages of
> offlineimap) would be nice, yep. Also downloads to more current
> snapshots and the git repository info. This might belong on a page of
> its own, but I like it when OSS projects have easy to discover download
> links :).
This is where the power of wordpress would have been very useful...
> > <excerpts from dev blog - hopefully Nicolas and others will blog ;-)>
> hehe, I am not so sure we are big and active enough to warrant a blog,
> but some news section *could* be nice. ALthough there is nothing worse
> than an OSS project whose latest news entry is 2-3 years old.
Active enough? You're funny. Did you not notice all the chatter you guys
are creating on this list? hehe. There's more than enough news to keep a
section like that up-to-date. The only issue is posting. Again, this is
where wordpress would be our friend. Can WordPress posts be updated via
> I would love to have a section where people can contribute and collect
> use cases and configuration examples and stuff ("how to create your own
> CA cert etc").
Sounds like a duplicate of above...I'm on board with that, so yeah.


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