IOError, can't work out what's going wrong

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Tue Jan 25 18:52:36 GMT 2011

On 01/25/2011 12:17 PM, Josh Holland wrote:
> Hi list,
> Just today, my hard disk filled up and offlineimap stopped working. Fair
> enough, I thought, cleared some old cruft and fired it up again. But
> it's still presenting the same error.

> IOError: [Errno 5] Input/output error: '/home/josh/.offlineimap/Account-Main/LocalStatus/archive-2011-01.tmp'
> This is with offlineimap 6.2.0 from the Ubuntu 10.10 repositories; I
> would test with the version from git master if it was working currently.

That's bad, and suggests to me you may have disk or filesystem issues. 
If on Linux, try running dmesg.

-- John

> Thanks,

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