Support for TLS

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Wed Jan 26 17:19:33 GMT 2011

On Wed, 26 Jan 2011 17:19:56 +0100, Eshat Cakar <info at> wrote:
> this sounds good to me, if it does not take too much time to recognize, that the server does not support TLS for the SSLv3 users.

We would have to test the performance implications. But anything is
better than using unsecure SSv2.

> Another option, which maybe is easier to implement, would be a line in the configuration file, to let the user choose which version of SSL/TLS to use.

Yes, that would be the most efficient and most simple to implement
solution. :). But it would put more burden on the user to a question
which is not always obvious. "Does your server speak TLS or SSLv3 ?" ;-)

If posible, I would love to avoid this option.

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