[Brandon Long] Re: APPENDing gmail chat log emails

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Fri Jul 8 07:25:05 BST 2011

Here is a piece of info from gmail. We currently have (at least) 2
problems specific to gmail, the first one is that they have some special
folders, e.g. in order to delete a mail you need to move a message into
the [Gmail]/Trash folder, but depending on your localization this might
be [Gmail]/Trash, [Google Mail]/Trash, [Gmail]/Papierkorb, etc.

We currrently require the user to configure the name of the Trash
folder, which is brittle and error prone and demands knowledge from the
user that he will not necessarily have. Fortunately there is a way to
programmatically query the name of the Trash (and Spam) folder. I think
we should be implementing it and remove the hard-coded setting (we have
too many settings anyway :-)).

Any takers? See below:

>> P.S. While I am at it: To really delete a message you need to move it
>> into [Gmail]/Trash, but that folder name differs between users
>> (e.g. [Google Mail]/Trash and [Gmail]/Papierkorb have been noted). Is
>> there a way to programmatically detect the name of the trash folder?
> Yes, using the XLIST command:
> http://code.google.com/apis/gmail/imap/#xlist
> We'll also be implementing RFC 6154 at some point, which is the
> approved mechanism.


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