2 code change requests: FETCH instead of UID FETCH and using IMAP 'ID' at login time

Marc MERLIN marc at merlins.org
Fri Jul 22 00:19:56 BST 2011

I'm not up to date on IMAP anymore, so forgive me if this doesn't entirely
make sense.

I finally got about 100k messages to resync after the server changed it UID
It took around 20 hours to resync with gmail over a fast connection.

I was told the following:
"Also, it looks like offlineimap is using UID FETCH, which means that                                      
after every fetch, we check and update the folder information if any                                      
changes have been made.  This means you pay a performance penalty                                         
every time you receive a message or mark a message as read or                                             
whatever.  You would get more consistent performance using plain                                          

Is it possible to change the code to use just FETCH instead?

Also, wouldit be possible for the code to issue the IMAP ID command after
login to help catalog users and debug problems from the server side if any?
By that I mean, a patch like this one:

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