offlineimap and spamassassin

Chris Dennis cgdennis at
Thu Jul 28 17:24:51 BST 2011

Hello OfflineIMAP people

I'm thinking of using offlineimap in the following situation.

* mail arrives at the hosted domain where it is available via imap and 
* mail gets synced to the local Linux server (currently via getmail), 
where it is scanned for spam and viruses, and made available via Dovecot 

I'd like to replace getmail with offlineimap, so that changes 
(deletions, emails moved to different folders etc.) get synced back to 
the remote server.

But I can't work out how to get offlineimap to talk to spamassassin. 
The pre- and postsynchook scripts don't seem to receive any parameters 
indicating which emails are new and need to be scanned.

Is there a way of doing something like this?


Chris Dennis                                  cgdennis at
Fordingbridge, Hampshire, UK

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