[PATCH] Fix missing import and minor issue on folder selection

chris coleman christocoleman at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 6 17:12:07 BST 2011

Sebastian wrote:
>> getselectedfolder() checks what is the current selected folder, but sometimes,

>> selectedfolder attribute has not been set yet, thus an AttributeError
>> exception is raised, whereas it would be harmless to return None here and
>> later check with later call of select().
>> -        if self.getstate() == 'SELECTED':
>> +        if self.getstate() == 'SELECTED' and hasattr(self, "selectedfolder"):
>This I am a bit more sceptical about. We should obviously be fixing
>this, but this feels a bit more like we are papering over some design
>the imaplib2 IMAP4 instance sets the mailbox name in "self.mailbox"
>whenever it goes into SELECTED state, perhaps we should be using that
>value rather than doing our own caching in the selectedfolder variable
>This would avoid the kind of inconsistency that we are seeing in the
>first place.
>What do you think?


+1.   Must maintain "cache coherency," (as they say in the world of CPU's)... and avoid caching data beyond the point in time where it likely could become stale/incorrect.

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