Speed of syncing several folders at the same time vs sequentially

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Wed Jul 20 22:01:52 BST 2011

> > I'm doing a big imap resync from gmail after my UID validity pointers
> > crapped out.
> Sorry, I wasn't clear there I deleted all my local mail and pointers and I'm
> doing a re-download of tens of thousands of messages over a 10 or so
> folders.
> It looks like it will be hours, as in maybe 24 or so (and I'm on a fast
> connection), so I'm looking at optimizing this the best I can :)

In my experience, maxconnections 8 was much faster than 1. I didn't
measure it, but I would guess that it was 8x faster actually. But maybe
it depends on the IMAP server?

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