[PATCH] Changelog: fix missing note about idle support

Marc MERLIN marc at merlins.org
Thu Jul 21 19:41:31 BST 2011

On Thu, Jul 07, 2011 at 10:37:08PM +0200, Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:
> > After having a look at
> > https://github.com/nicolas33/offlineimap/blob/master/Changelog.rst
> > it seems that IDLE hasn't been merged back into this new code branch yet, is
> > that correct?
> This is wrong. We miss the IDLE update in the Changelog, sorry. IDLE is
> experimental but merged.

Ok, I just got around to trying the new code.

I can't seem to get offlineimap to keep running and stay connected for IDLE to work.

[Repository Google]
type = IMAP
(account stuff cut off)
nametrans = lambda foldername: re.sub('^INBOX.', '', foldername)
folderfilter = lambda foldername: foldername not in [ '[Gmail]/All Mail', '[Gmail]/Important', '[Gmail]/Spam', '[Gmail]/Trash' ]
maxconnections = 3
idlefolders = [ 'INBOX' ]
holdconnectionopen = yes
keepalive = 60
sep = /

When I run offlineimap, it runs as one shot mode despite autorefresh and

Is there something else I'm missing?


 OfflineIMAP 6.3.4-rc3
Copyright 2002-2011 John Goerzen & contributors.
Licensed under the GNU GPL v2+ (v2 or any later version).
Account sync google.com:
 ***** Processing account google.com
 Copying folder structure from IMAP to Maildir
 Establishing connection to imap.gmail.com:993.
Folder sync [google.com]:
 Syncing INBOX: IMAP -> Maildir
 Syncing [Gmail]/Starred: IMAP -> Maildir
 Establishing connection to imap.gmail.com:993.
 Syncing [Gmail]/Sent Mail: IMAP -> Maildir
Copy message 1029 from INBOX:
 Copy message 1029 IMAP[INBOX] -> Maildir[INBOX]
Copy message 1030 from INBOX:
 Copy message 1030 IMAP[INBOX] -> Maildir[INBOX]
 Establishing connection to imap.gmail.com:993.
Copy message 22334 from lists:
 Copy message 22334 IMAP[lists] -> Maildir[lists]
Folder sync [google.com]:
 Syncing rcvd: IMAP -> Maildir
 Deleting flag S from 2 messages on rcvd
Account sync google.com:
 ***** Finished processing account google.com

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