Problem syncing mail - crash

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Fri Jul 22 13:56:32 BST 2011

> git log
> git diff

So I played today with and it seems to be broken in a way that
it actually works :)

What happens here is
 1) new message is created in Maildir
 2) message is copied to IMAP
   "Copy message -1 Maildir[twiki] -> IMAP[twiki], LocalStatus[twiki]"
 3) offlineimap tries to find it's UID, but fails
 4) I _GUESS_ that the message in Maildir is deleted?
 5) on next offlineimap run, we find new message in the IMAP folder and
    sync it back to Maildir
   "Copy message 41 IMAP[twiki] -> Maildir[twiki], LocalStatus[twiki]"

I'm not sure about 4), but I can see the message in Maildir just once.

The behavior in current 'next' branch is the same till 3)

3.5) the thread crashes

So that on next run, the message from Maildir is copied AGAIN to IMAP

PS. I submitted internal bug for our mail server, but I don't expect any
response. Not soon anyway :)

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