Problem syncing mail - crash

Knut Anders Hatlen knut.hatlen at
Sat Jul 23 15:38:11 BST 2011

Vladimir Marek <Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM> writes:

> Hmm. I still wonder if the fact that it works for us (the old release)
> is intentional :) I don't understand why on first run the logic tries to
> copy the mail to IMAP, while on second run the mail gets deleted (and
> copied from IMAP back). If it is something we can depend on, the fix
> will be simple.

According to the FAQ, it is to be expected in "rare instances", see

| 1.1.9   Can I copy messages between folders?
| Normally, when you copy a message between folders or add a new message
| to a folder locally, OfflineIMAP will just do the right thing.
| However, sometimes this can be tricky ― if your IMAP server does not
| provide the SEARCH command, or does not return something useful,
| OfflineIMAP cannot determine the new UID of the message. So, in these
| rare instances, OfflineIMAP will upload the message to the IMAP server
| and delete it from your local folder. Then, on your next sync, the
| message will be re-downloaded with the proper UID. OfflineIMAP makes
| sure that the message was properly uploaded before deleting it, so
| there should be no risk of data loss.

Knut Anders

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