Problem syncing mail - crash

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Sun Jul 24 14:12:45 BST 2011

> > Nice. The fix is quite simple then (attached). But I believe we can do
> > better than that. We still should be able to find the message by
> > fetching message headers.
> Thanks. In order to get it merged, I need your signed-off-by line and I
> ask patches to be sent as emails so others can comment parts easily. My
> comments on next send. Or, don't you intend this patch to be merged?

Sorry, I might have been clearer. I don't think it's ready yet. I want
to try to add another way of matching uploaded message to local one -
fetching all X-OfflineIMAP headers and searching for the right one. I
see uploading to IMAP and then downloading back as a last resort
solution. Which might break IMAP to IMAP synchronization, by uploading
message from one server to another in an infinite loop.

If that turns to be hard, I will finish the two fixes I have and send
them in an appropriate way :)


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