[PATCH 4/4] Re: Another way of locating UID of just saved message

Vladimir Marek Vladimir.Marek at Oracle.COM
Thu Jul 28 09:11:48 BST 2011

> > I'm not familiar with the internals of OfflineIMAP, but I'm under the
> > impression that imaplib2 is a third-party library bundled with
> > OfflineIMAP. If so, it's probably better not to change that file, so
> > that it doesn't diverge from the upstream sources. (Don't take my word
> > for it. Someone who actually knows the code should comment on it, but I
> > thought I should raise the issue.)
> You're right.
> We need to split this changeset out and send it to the imaplib2 mailing
> list. Once merged in imaplib2 and merged back from it, we could merge
> the rest of the patch.

I see, I missed that. I'm just subscribing to imaplib2 mailinglist to
start the discussion there.


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