HEUREKA, Missing mails log snippet (found it)

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Wed Jun 8 15:08:44 BST 2011

A crime confessed is half redressed...

Dear offlineimap list, Dear Peter, Dear Piers.

GOTCHA! The case of trying to delete mails is solved. Thanks to logs
from Peter Hutterer, I was able to find out what going wrong.

We fetch a list of UIDs from the server, but the list must currently not
be interrupted with unrelated responses.

THIS is send right after one of "missing UIDs"

DEBUG[imap]:   26:17.31 who-t.net reader < * OK Searched 43% of the mailbox, ETA 0:12\r\n

so this series (handler log):
untagged_responses[FETCH] 10821 += ["10822 (FLAGS (\Answered \Seen) UID 27260)"]
untagged_responses[OK] 0 += ["Searched 43% of the mailbox, ETA 0:12"]
untagged_responses[FETCH] 0 += ["10823 (FLAGS (\Answered \Seen) UID 27261)"]

is broken into several "Responses" (note the FETCH restarts counting at
0). It breaks the series of untagged_responses just as Piers had
suspected. Piers, what's the recommended fix? 

Look through ALL untagged_responses as you had suggested? Is this
something we should fix at offlineimap level or do you want to fix this
on imaplib2 level and we bundle the new imaplib2 asap?

This is a pretty bad case of data loss for us, so it should be high


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