3 patch series on folder/Maildir cleanup

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Fri Jun 10 16:29:58 BST 2011

Please find as reply a series against next that I have been cooking
up. My initial goal was to implement a more efficient "rename" function
for Maildirs, as we currently read the full mail content and save it
again, just to change a mails ID (e.g. on upload to a mail
server). However, I did not yet get there, as I found too much in
savemessage() that bothered me.

What this topic does:

1) folder/Maildir: cache getfullname() value
goal: perform faster (caching something that we calculated A LOT
4 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

2) folder/Maildir: Store only relative filename components
goal: Use less RAM during synch with basically no perf penality
29 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)

3) Simplify Maildir message saving
goal:  Better Exception throwing (OfflineImapError), true atomicity on
file opening, in less code.
24 insertions(+), 37 deletions(-)

There are no user visible changes, but I added an entry to the Changelog.
I have tested that it actually works.

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