Fix reported invalid folderincludes

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Tue Jun 14 10:51:28 BST 2011

Here is another series, fixing the rather silent abort of our syncing
process when passing in an invalid folder in folderincludes=.

The series contains also 2 patches that correct/improve the patch series
that I just sent (subject: 2nd stage of better error reporting). (This
branch comes on top of that one).

Patch 1, fixes a traceback.print_tb to format_tb (let me know if you
prefer that I resent a fixed version of the original patch
instead). This patch should be applied in any case.

Patch 2 makes sure that we always call ui.terminate() at the end of each
run. We still have a few weird exit paths in threadutil, that we need to
fix (the unused set|getExitReason stuff). In some cases we were calling
ui.terminate and in some not. Make sure, we always call it. A cleanup
patch will be required (and sent) for the threadutil issues). This patch
should be applied without any harm in any case.

Patch 3 The main patch of this series: We now throw OfflineImapErrors
and not ValueErrors when we have invalid folderincludes and we should be
catching and treating those correctly.

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