Remove superfluous ConfigedIMAPServer class

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Wed Jun 15 12:34:40 BST 2011

I planned to implement SSL fingerprint checking, but for this, I need
access to the repository configuration from within our SSLIMAP4
instance, which was not possible. On my way to achieve this, I
simplified the code to do away with the superfluous wrapper class

I tested that fetching passwords via configuration and UI still work and
that syncing is ok. I don't have the possiblity to test SSL tunnels, but
they should keep working just fine.

Despite some added code comments, we are still saving 50 LOC without
obfuscation and simplifying the code.

Patch against "next" branch as reply to this one.


P.S. This was one area where I said in the beginning of this year that I
found the many layers of wrapping and abstraction confusing. With this
patch we would have removed 2 layers of abstractions making the code

PPS. The imapserver.acquireconnection() is obscenely large and is ripe
for some refactoring if anyone wants to take it on.
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