Another imaplib

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Thu Jun 16 12:33:31 BST 2011

I just wanted to point people to which is another python IMAP
library. Not saying we should switch, but it is always good to know what
the options are... Has anyone had any experiences with it?


IMAPClient aims to be a easy-to-use, Pythonic and complete IMAP client
library with no dependencies outside the Python standard library.

    Arguments and return values are natural Python types.
    IMAP server responses are fully parsed and readily usable.
    IMAP unique message IDs (UIDs) are handled transparently. There is no need to call different methods to use UIDs.
    Escaping for internationalised mailbox names is transparently handled. Unicode mailbox names may be passed as input wherever a folder name is accepted.
    Time zones are transparently handled including when the server and client are in different zones.
    Convenience methods are provided for commonly used functionality.
    Exceptions are raised when errors occur. 

Python versions 2.4 through 2.7 are currently supported. Python 3 support is in the works.

IMAPClient is currently at version 0.7. It is licensed under the New BSD License. 
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