Syncing Folders with different names

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Wed Jun 22 07:19:07 BST 2011

I am helping a user move from one server to a comercial provider whos names for folders like Drafts etc are different than ours. 

Thus my normal use of IMAP->IMAP offlineimap is not working.
Examples of the folder names on host 1 to host 2:

. list "" "*"
* LIST (\HasNoChildren) "." "INBOX.Trash"
* LIST (\Marked \HasChildren) "." "INBOX"
* LIST (\HasNoChildren) "." "INBOX.Spam"
* LIST (\HasNoChildren) "." "INBOX.Sent Items"
* LIST (\HasNoChildren) "." "INBOX.Drafts"
* LIST (\HasNoChildren) "." "INBOX.Junk"
* LIST (\HasNoChildren) "." "INBOX.Sent"
* LIST (\HasNoChildren) "." "INBOX.Deleted Items"
* LIST (\HasNoChildren) "." "INBOX.NotSpam"
. OK LIST completed

. list "" "*"
* LIST (\NoInferiors) "/" "INBOX"
* LIST (\NoInferiors) "/" "Bulk Mail"
* LIST (\NoInferiors) "/" "Drafts"
* LIST (\HasNoChildren) "/" "Email_Templates"
* LIST (\HasNoChildren) "/" "Junk E-mail"
* LIST (\HasNoChildren) "/" "Notes"
* LIST (\NoInferiors) "/" "Send_Later"
* LIST (\NoInferiors) "/" "Sent Items"
* LIST (\NoInferiors) "/" "Trash"
. OK  Success

How would one sync the INBOX.Deleted Items  folder to the Trash folder on the other host as an example?

Note that syncing Drafts also does not work because I am ignorant of how each IMAP server is naming their folders. Even though both sites banners on login show they are running Courier. 

I dug in the example config and searched around and didn't find what I was looking for sorry if this has already been posted!

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