Fresh install 6.4.3-rc2

Ivan Semin ivun at
Wed Jun 29 08:26:31 BST 2011


I am using offlineimap for about half a year already to sync gmail
with local imap account. Now I have decided to backup the local copy
to another server. So I have a fresh install of 6.4.3-rc2 and python
2.6 (from yum on centos). The install didn't work on python 2.4 by the

I have set up the local imap mailbox and the remote imap mailbox with
readonly=yes in offlineimaprc. It connected and logged in to both,
copied the folder structure and then died with the following in

WARNING: ERROR attempting to copy message 3 for account Data:Traceback
(most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/offlineimap/folder/",
line 272, in copymessageto
TypeError: %d format: a number is required, not NoneType

The full output is the following:

OfflineIMAP 6.3.4-rc2
Copyright (C) 2002 - 2010 John Goerzen <john at>

This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; see the file
COPYING for details.  This is free software, and you are welcome
to distribute it under the conditions laid out in COPYING.
***** Processing account Data
Copying folder structure from IMAP to MappedIMAP
Establishing connection to
Establishing connection to
Syncing A_Kenny Data: IMAP -> MappedIMAP
Syncing Apple Mail To Do: IMAP -> MappedIMAP
Syncing Deleted Messages: IMAP -> MappedIMAP
Copy message 3 IMAP[A_Kenny Data] -> MappedIMAP[A_Kenny Data]
Syncing Drafts: IMAP -> MappedIMAP
Copy message 4 IMAP[A_Kenny Data] -> MappedIMAP[A_Kenny Data]
Thread 'Copy message 3 from A_Kenny Data' terminated with exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/offlineimap/",
line 140, in run
  File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/", line 484, in run
    self.__target(*self.__args, **self.__kwargs)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/offlineimap/folder/",
line 272, in copymessageto
TypeError: %d format: a number is required, not NoneType

Last 14 debug messages logged for Copy message 3 from A_Kenny Data
prior to exception:
thread: Register new thread 'Copy message 3 from A_Kenny Data' (account 'Data')
imap: Returned object from fetching 3: 'Delivered-To: max at
X-OfflineIMAP: 407542658-446174614c6f63616c-415f4b656e6e792044617461-1295644663-0231223493626-v6.2.0
Received: by 1...==

imap: savemessage: called
imap: savemessage: new header is: X-OfflineIMAP: 1351832608-785950266
imap: savemessage_addheader: called to add X-OfflineIMAP: 1351832608-785950266
imap: savemessage_addheader: insertionpoint = 34
imap: savemessage_addheader: leader = 'Delivered-To: max at'
imap: savemessage_addheader: newline = '\r\nX-OfflineIMAP: 1351832608-785950266'
imap: savemessage_addheader: trailer = '\r\nX-OfflineIMAP:
by with SMTP id k61cs220149wem; Wed, 4 Aug 2010\r\n
01:03:52 -0700 (PDT)\r\nReceived: by with SMTP id
b18mr9956997ybj.369.1280909030300; Wed,\r\n 04 Aug 2010 01:03:50 -0700
(PDT)\r\nReturn-Path: <kenny at>\r\nReceived: from (\r\n
[]) by with SMTP id\r\n
6si20049397ybj.52.2010.; Wed, 04 Aug 2010 01:03:50 -0700
(PDT)\r\nReceived-SPF: neutral ( is neither
permitted nor\r\n denied by best guess record for domain of
kenny at\r\n
spf=neutral (\r\n is neither permitted nor
denied by best guess record for domain of\r\n
kenny at
smtp.mail=kenny at\r\nReceived: (qmail 73331
invoked from network); 4 Aug 2010 08:03:48 -0000\r\nReceived: from
kennyPC (kenny at with login) by\r\n with SMTP; 04 Aug 2010 01:03:30 -0700
PDT\r\nX-Yahoo-SMTP: XJ1.Eh6swBAYGQGBCPj09mfHMSYqig--\r\nX-YMail-OSG:
03Vp1Zcmv9A--\r\nX-Yahoo-Newman-Property: ymail-3\r\nReply-To:
<kenny at>\r\nFrom: "Kenny - something Elements"
<kenny at>\r\nTo: <max at>\r\nSubject:
Taron Collection\r\nDate: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 00:59:41
-0700\r\nOrganization: something Elements\r\nMessage-ID:
1.0\r\nContent-Type: multipart/mixed;\r\n
Microsoft Office Outlook 12.0\r\nthread-index:
en-us\r\nx-cr-hashedpuzzle: eMg= A9XA BkpF DBox E4us FBy3 FZ+I F/zC
GMBJ HvRb HziT H+Ze\r\n IR4P Iryr IsVa\r\n
04 Aug 2010 07:56:11
7bit\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n

<about 600KB of mail body here>

imap: savemessage: date: "04-Aug-2010 00:59:41 -0800", content:
'Delivered-To: max at
X-OfflineIMAP: 1351832608-785950266
X-OfflineIMAP: 407542658-446174614c6f63616c-415f4b656e6e792044617461-12956446...

imap: savemessage_searchforheader called for X-OfflineIMAP: 1351832608-785950266
imap: savemessage_searchforheader got initial matchinguids: '3'
imap: savemessage_searchforheader: matchinguids now ['3']
imap: savemessage: returning new UID 3

Any ideas? I suspect there could be a problem with APPENDing a
message, because I never tried that on this new server yet, but anyway
it's impossible to understand that from the log.

Regards, Ivan.

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